Cumulative system of discounts

Discounts for regular customers

We provide regular customers of our service with favorable rates with discounts of up to 30% for all services of the service, tariff plans are switched automatically when the desired amount is reached! Discounts work at the same time as discounts for a one-time wholesale purchase, buy more on the stock - pay less. To use the discount system of discounts, you must maintain the necessary turnover throughout the year.

How to keep affiliate tariff?

To keep the affiliate tariff with a discount, you need to maintain the turnover on your account for placing new orders according to your tariff. As part of the partner tariffs, a system of automatic monitoring for the implementation of the tariff conditions is in effect. The check is carried out daily, based on its results, your tariff will be saved or changed to a more profitable one based on the conditions of the discount system. The system of discounts is activated when the turnover on the account during the last 1 year or 365 days.

Affiliate rates

Discount: 1%
Spent in service:
From 12.87 $
Discount: 3%
Spent in service:
From 38.61 $
Discount: 5%
Spent in service:
From 64.35 $
Discount: 7%
Spent in service:
From 128.70 $
Discount: 10%
Spent in service:
From 321.75$
Discount: 12%
Spent in service:
From 643.50$
Discount: 15%
Spent in service:
From 1287.00$
Discount: 18%
Spent in service:
From 2574.00$
Discount: 21%
Spent in service:
From 4504.50$
Discount: 24%
Spent in service:
From 6435.01$
Discount: 27%
Spent in service:
From 9652.51$
Discount: 30%
Spent in service:
From 1930501.93$

When you reach a new discount tariff plan, you will be transferred to the next discount group of discounts automatically!

*By a discount is meant an automatic reduction of the indicated amount to pay for all services on the service. Suppose a certain service you have chosen costs 64.35 $, with the “Reseller-10” tariff plan you only need to pay 57.92 $.